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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Introduction


Autoclaved aerated concrete ( AAC), also known as autoclaved cellular concrete ( ACC) or autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC), was invented in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect and inventor Johan Axel Eriksson. It is a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance. AAC  products include AAC block  , AAC U Block   AAC wall panel , AAC floor and roof panels , and AAC lintels .

VUONG HAI CORPORATION is the first manufacturerin Dong Nai province, Vietnam specializes in producing autoclaved earated concrete include: AAC blocks, ALC panel reinforced steel frame, according to unburned building material development program of the Vietnam Government at Decision No. 567/QD-TTg 

The factory with a capacity 150.000m3/year ensure production capacity and supply: 300 - 500m3 AAC fillings / day

VUONG HAI AAC ( Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - " AAC ") a unique and excellent type of building materials due to its superb heat, fire and sound resistance, VUONG HAI AAC block is lightweight and offers ultimate workability, flexibility and durability. Its main ingredients include sand, water, quicklime, cement and gypsum. The chemical reaction due to the aluminum paste provides AAC its distinct porous structure, lightness, and insulation properties, completely different compared to other lightweight concrete materials.

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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocksAerated Concrete Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Lintels

AAC Lintels

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete U Blocks

AAC U Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks

AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete -  AAC Blocks  -  AAC U Blocks  -  AAC Lintels -  AAC Wall panels  -  AAC Floor panels  -  AAC Roof Panels  -   Aerated Concrete Blocks

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